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Below is the Sermon Archives of Life Ministry Church.

Being a Witness


Pastor Ingolf Schmidt from Germany was with us to share stories about his life and being called to ‘Be a Witness’. Listen and be inspired by the amazing stories where God has used his obedience.

Acts Of The Apostles – No.2


It is a challenge every day to decide to be a Follower, Not just a Fan. In part 2 of his series ‘Acts Of The Apostles’, Pastor Graham continues to unpack the book of Acts and encouraged us to continually realise what the Holy Spirit is doing in our own lives.

Acts Of The Apostles – No.1


In Pastor Graham’s first message for 2015, he continued with our same theme from last year ‘Follower, Not Just A Fan’ with this message on Faith. Are we prepared to step out in faith this year like we read in the book of Acts?

Do Not Be Conformed


Pastor David Odd came all the way from Papua New Guinea to preach the Word to us! This message was perfect for the start of the year, and encouraged us not to conform to the ways of this world, but to let ourselves be transformed by Him!



In our last service for the year, Pastor Chris spoke a great a challenging word on ‘Balance’. Do we have a good balance in each part of our life? This message will help open up any issues we have with priorities.

Amari Update


Marita Simpson from Amari Community Developement Organisation was with us to give us an update on the difference they’re making on the ground in Uganda. It was very encouraging to hear about the lives that are being changed by the servant heartedness of many people both here and in Africa!



Allan Meyer came a preached a great word on one of the hardest verses in the Bible to believe – Romans 8:28. This message looks at the power of forgiveness, and the problem with forgiveness.