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Below is the Sermon Archives of Life Ministry Church.

Spiritual Experiences – Life After Death


In Pastor Oxley’s 1st message for the year, he preached an insightful word on Life after Death. This message bring clarification and peace about what exists for us after we move on from this life.

Dedication Service 2015


Elida Brereton has had a long a distinguished career in education across Victoria. She is also a comitted Christian with a great message about how the Holy Spirit helped her get through some of the tougher times in her teaching career.

Acts Of The Apostles – No.3


Prayer & Fasting. This was the subject of this message from Pastor Graham in his series ‘Acts of the Apostles’. We have been called to see ‘signs and wonders’ on this earth, and Pastor Graham looked at the key of prayer and fasting.

Camp Testimony Night

Frontline Youth Group Melbourne

The youth from LMC (Frontline Youth) had their Summer Camp earlier this year. Tonight we heard from some of the youth about the amazing encounters they had with God.

Being a Witness


Pastor Ingolf Schmidt from Germany was with us to share stories about his life and being called to ‘Be a Witness’. Listen and be inspired by the amazing stories where God has used his obedience.

Acts Of The Apostles – No.2


It is a challenge every day to decide to be a Follower, Not just a Fan. In part 2 of his series ‘Acts Of The Apostles’, Pastor Graham continues to unpack the book of Acts and encouraged us to continually realise what the Holy Spirit is doing in our own lives.